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Livestock Facility Financing

Financing building projects with competitive terms and rates

Image by Guido Klinge

Program Guidelines

CCC has partnered with its member cooperatives to finance more than 750,000 hog spaces since 1995. In that time, CCC also has financed cattle facilities and various other livestock sites. CCC partners with cooperatives for both construction and purchases of sites.

More details: CCC and the sponsoring cooperative partner with the producer to create an opportunity that is mutually beneficial. CCC holds the loan for the borrower, while the cooperative sponsors the loan and receives the feed business resulting from the construction or purchase of the site. The borrower retains ownership and makes payments directly to CCC. In some cases, the cooperative receives additional income from the construction side of the project while the borrower receives the added benefit of having cooperative personnel help in acquiring livestock contracts and guidance.

To learn more, contact Seth at 1-800-681-1975.

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