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Credit Management Services

Let our credit experience and expertise work for you.

Image by Uta Scholl

Credit Management Services can provide:

  • Assistance to your cooperative's credit department by:

    • Creating a credit application for new accounts that is industry standard;

    • Monitoring and addressing account receivable balances that are exceeding approved credit limits or have aged beyond approved credit policy.

  • Aid in developing and implementing a credit company subsidiary within your cooperative.

  • Back-room support to management and operation of the newly formed credit company.

Dairy Farm

You achieve:

  • A broader range of customer service;

  • Separation between your sales staff and the personal financial information of customers;

  • A potential increase in product sales;

  • The ability to coordinate financial analysis of producer operations;

  • A better understanding of risk;

  • A level of credit administration that assists in reducing risk;

  • The flexibility to adjust to the constantly changing agribusiness marketplace and the needs of customers.

Cooperative Credit Company has designed Credit Management Services (CMS) to provide your company with convenient, customized financial solutions to meet the needs of your organization and customers. Establishing a plan that meets your goals and that you control may be easier than you think. The CMS staff will work with you to design a solution that is the best fit for your organization.

Call Seth at 1-800-681-1975 to learn how CMS can work for you.

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