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Full Crop Financing

Providing traditional financing as your primary crop lender

Image by Jed Owen

Program Guidelines

CCC offers a full-financing option where CCC serves as the primary lender for the producer's crop. CCC can finance agronomy inputs, cash rents, fuel, crop insurance and other crop-related expenses.

Factors to consider:

  • Agronomy inputs must be purchased through the sponsoring co-op.

  • CCC will need a first lien on the corresponding crop for that year.

  • The applicant will need to provide the following:

    • Financial statements​;

    • Tax returns;

    • A crop plan – a loan officer will assist with this.

  • CCC will file a blanket UCC filing, will require crop proceeds to be issued jointly payable to CCC and the producer, and will have assignments of crop insurance and FSA payments as security.

To learn more, contact Seth at 1-800-681-1975.

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