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CCC Membership

Benefits and Requirements

What does it mean to be a member?


Your membership in CCC offers you access to a competitively priced finance company that works for YOU. You have the opportunity to increase sales and mitigate risk through CUSTOMIZED finance programs and credit services.


Other benefits include:

  • Potential dividends based on usage and membership;

  • Stronger customer ties to your co-op;

  • Professional credit administration;

  • A lender who works for you and ONLY works within agriculture;

  • Flexibility to gear programs to your co-op's needs.

Image by Jan Kopřiva


In order to become a member, the following are required:

  • Common Stock purchase;

  • Preferred Stock A purchase;

  • Current audited financials to support guarantee and capital requirements.

For more information, please contact Seth Oostenink at 1-800-681-1975.

Image by Jed Owen
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